FALL 2015

Begins September 13, 2015

Fall connection groups will be a 7-week Explore God discussion group addressing the The 7 Big QuestionsExplore God is a citywide initiative in the Fort Worth/Dallas metropolitan area.  The goal of Explore God is to invite people to explore questions about God in a non-threatening way through individual conversations, thought provoking sermons, and connection groups.  Explore God gives practical ways to start spiritual conversations around the tough questions people have about God, their purpose, suffering, Jesus, the Bible, religion, and other topics. 

The seven big questions

1.  Does Life Have a Purpose?
2.  Is There a God?
3.  Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
4.  Is Christianity Too Narrow?
5.  Is Jesus Really God?
6.  Is the Bible Reliable?
7.  Can I Know God Personally?

Discussion groups will consist of 4-10 participants having honest conversations in a respectful environment that encourages questions and authenticity.  The group will encourage everyone to bring all of their thoughts and questions to the table, not just the parts they think are socially acceptable.  Groups meet in homes, in the workplace, at restaurants, etc.

Take a moment to listen to information on Explore God Connection Groups:


Childcare is available at Christ Church for groups that meet Sunday evenings or Wednesday evenings  (nursery – 6th grade).

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