Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of Christ Church Assembly of God.  You will discover that we are a very diverse group from a variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds.  Our vision is to be a Hospital for Hurting Humanity.  We believe that God has called us to be a place where healing and wholeness is discovered through the authority of God’s Word, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the love of God’s family.

We would like to invite you to learn more about us by attending our Welcome Lunch and our Starting Point Class.  These events introduce you to the history, leadership, and philosophy of Christ Church.


The REASONS to become a member:

Membership is a practical expression of COMMITMENT—it means that you have chosen to be committed as a part of the family of Christ Church.

Membership gives the church DEFINITION—it lets everyone know who is committed to membership. 

Membership gives the believer ACCOUNTABILITY—by becoming a member you agree to support our vision, mission, doctrine, and philosophy of ministry. 


REQUIREMENTS for Membership:

  • Personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

  • Public confession of faith through baptism in water

  • Willingness to support the philosophy and ministries of Christ Church with your time, talent, treasure and through positive conversations



  • Complete the application and place it in any offering, give to Guest Services, or mail it to the church office.

  • Your application will be reviewed by the Church Council at the next monthly meeting.

  • You will be contacted by a member of the Church Council concerning your application.

    To secure a membership application, visit Guest Services in the foyer on Sunday mornings or contact Debora Brown in the Christ Church office at 817-292-9292