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Ages 6 Weeks - 3 years

  • In Creation Station we provide a safe, nurturing Christ-centered environment for children. 

  • Our staff uses age-appropriate curriculum to help our babies learn the Word of God and begin building a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Nursery Care is provided for all Sunday and Wednesday services and is located in the Main Building.





This week in Creation Station classes:


Toddlers & Two’s

Unit 1: God Made the World

June 14: God Made Grass, Flowers, and Trees

Our focus this week is: To teach the child to appreciate grass, flowers, and tress.

Our Bible verse:  God made the earth. Genesis 2:4  (NIV)

Our action verse:  Splishy, spashy water in the deep, blue sea; Mountains and valleys and tall, tall trees. Twinkle, twinkle stars next to the moon; And a great big sun to shine at noon.



Unit 1: Care for God’s World

June 14: God Made the Animals

Our focus this week is: The child will be able to tell that God made the fish, birds, and animals.

Bible verse:  God made the ……animals. Genesis 1:25 (NCV)

Life Application:  Happy: To teach the child to be happy that God made animals.