Every week it takes hundreds of volunteers to carry out the ministries of Christ Church. Whether its greeting guests, serving on a tech team, investing in the next generation, facilitating a small group, ushering during a service, singing on a worship team, or any number of opportunities, there's a place for you to use your gifts and abilities to serve. If you're ready to make a difference, simply complete the form below and we'll be in touch with you right away. 

 Administrative Support - Can you run a copier, stapler, or handle a paper cut?
 Assimilation/Visitor Follow-Up - Do you like meeting new people and have a great phone voice?
 Barista - Can you serve people with laughter as a Barista in our coffee bar on Sunday morning?
 Bible Study Teacher - Can you explain hard things in easy terms?
 Connection Group Facilitator - Do you like to have friends over to your house or go out to eat?
 Funeral Dinners - Are you able to serve BBQ and banana pudding without drooling?
 Greeters - How are your handshake and smiling skills?
 Guest Services/Info Center Assistant - Would you like to become a know-it-all?
 Prayer Team Member - Sunday AM - Are you willing to pray for your Pastor...occasionally?
 Senior Adult Visitation - Do you like to put a smile on someone's face?
 Usher - Are you good at telling people where to go or sit? Can you lift large offerings?
 Young at Heart Events - Could you help set-up or clean-up for monthly luncheons?
 Audio - Do you enjoy equalizing your home/car sound system? Learn to operate the sound board.
 Camera Operator - Do you enjoy filming home movies? Learn to operate a camera or the jib.
 Construction - Do you enjoy building and creating with your hands?
 Dance / Drama - Do you enjoy dancing and acting?
 Lighting - Help us enhance worship through the art of lighting. Learn to operate the light board.
 Media - Help us navigate through the service operating the computer in the main sanctuary.
 Musician - Did God give you a gift to play an instrument and you would like to move to another level of play?
 Set Design - Do you enjoy being creative using sets and props?
 Video Production - Do you enjoy looking for great camera angles? Learn to operate a camera or the jib.
 Videography - Do you enjoy editing home videos?
 Vocalist - Did God give you a gift to sing and you would like to move to another level as a singer?
 Carpentry - Do you own a saw or know how to hold one?
 Carpet/Flooring - How good are your knees?
 Community Service Projects - Do you enjoy wearing matching t-shirts with large groups?
 Electrical - Have you ever been shocked by Christmas lights?
 Janitorial - Can you make vintage toilets look inviting?
 Painting - Do you own white pants?
 Plumbing - Do you own a left-handed monkey wrench?
 Roofing - Are you afraid of heights?
 Tractor - Have you ever wondered what the back 40 was?
 Greeter - Do you jump at the chance to meet new people?
 Pinterest - Can you build a house out of popsicle sticks?
 Referee - Can you lead a group of students in a game?
 Small Group - Do you like to talk and share life experiences?
 Social Media - Are you a Facebook or graphic design whiz?
 Storyteller - Do you love being on stage and making the Bible come to life?
 Media - Can you log into Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer?
 Security - Do you own nunchucks?
 Small Group Leader - How many teenagers can you handle? When can you start?
 The Crew - Can you set up, tear down, and help make a creative space?
 Barista - Can you serve people with laughter as a Barista in our coffee bar?
 Connector - Can you meet members at the door and make sure they know where to go?
 Media - Do you have an interest in how lights and sound work?
 The Worship - Do you have a talent for singing or playing an instrument?