2021 Christ Church Business Meeting

The 2021 Business Meeting will take place Sunday, March 28 at 5:00pm in the Student Building Auditorium.

Meet The Nominees

Constitution and Bylaws Changes

We will also be voting on the proposed changes to our Constitution and Bylaws. Here is a letter explaining the proposed changes.

This document has not been updated in over ten years, and during COVID-19, our team has worked to update the language and function to better reflect our present ministry. 


We are presenting you with one document which has highlighted in yellow all the additions. The deletions are marked with lines through those portions. Below are some notes to help explain the thinking behind our suggested changes.


This document has been worked on first by our pastoral team and then by our Church Council. The Council would like to recommend its adoption by the church body at our Annual Family Meeting on March 28th, at 5:00 pm. 


These documents are very important because they protect the integrity of the church. It is crucial that we have good documents to protect the future ministry and effectiveness of our ministry.


I would like to ask you to consider these documents and notes and respond to our office with any suggestions or questions. I thank you in advance for your partnership in this process.


For Transformed Lives,

Darius Johnston

Lead Pastor

2020 Financial Report

Download the Christ Church 2020 Financial Report HERE!