Andrew and Alicia Youngblood

TCU Chi Alpha Campus Pastors

Location: North Texas

Email: youngbloodxa@gmail.com

Andrew and Alicia Youngblood are the Chi Alpha Campus Pastors for Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. The Youngbloods have a vision to bring the light of Jesus to TCU through community, discipleship, and service. Weekly meetings of small student groups called Life Groups are central to their ministry at TCU.

Shelley Lee

Director of Fort Worth Pregnancy Center

Location: North Texas

Email: director@fwpc.org


Shelley Lee is the Director and CEO for Fort Worth Pregnancy Center, which provides resources and support for people facing unplanned pregnancies.

Buddy and Ruth Calzada

Fort Worth Metro Minsitry

Location: North Texas, USA

Email: buddy@fortworthmetro.org


Buddy and Ruth Calzada lead Fort Worth Metro Ministries. Fort Worth Metro does weekly outreaches in three distinct areas within the inner city of Fort Worth, attracting hundreds of children at each location for Crime Prevention and Reduction (C.P.R.) programs. METRO provides a high school mentoring program called HANG Time (Having Affect on Our Next Generation). They also have a back to school CPR program and an inner city summer camp, as well as several seasonal outreaches each year.

Larry Adley

Teen Challenge Fort Worth

Location: North Texas

Email: director@fortworthteenchallenge.org

Jimmy and Priscilla Abrams

Pastoring The Ocean International Church

Location: Africa, Tanzania

Email: jimmy.abrams@agmd.org


Since 2015, Jimmy and Priscilla Abrams have been pastoring The Ocean International Community Church in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Shelley Ashdown

Wycliffe Translators, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas

Location: Global

Email: shelley_ashdown@gial.edu


Shelley Ashdown (husband James) is recruiting young people to work with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Shelley teaches at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas and is the head of the College of International Studies Dept. James is medically retired after a long ministry in children's education.

Dave and Patty Batty

Teen Challenge International leadership training

Location: Global

Email: dbatty@gmail.com


Dave Batty (wife Patty) trains Teen Challenge staff and leaders both in the USA and overseas, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania, and Russia.

Gaylord and Fredna Brown

AGWM Team Leader for Liberia and Sierra Leone

Location: Liberia, Africa

Email: gaylord.brown@agmd.org


Gaylord Brown serves as the AG World Missions team leader for Liberia and Sierra Leone. His wife Fredna also ministers extensively in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Kelly and Patricia Brown

UT Chi Alpha Campus Pastors

Location: North Texas, USA

Email: kellyandpatricia@gmail.com


Since 2011, Kelly and Patricia Brown have served as the Chi Alpha Campus Pastors for UT Austin, focusing on building 13 small groups and 5 mission trips in 2015-16. They have been in ministry with Chi Alpha at several campuses since 1988.

Bryan and Kimberly Burr

North Texas District School of Ministry

Location: South Africa, Africa

Email: bryan.burr@agmd.org


Bryan Burr is the Convoy of Hope Country Director for Kenya. His wife Kimberly teaches at Rosslyn Academy there where she ministers to children from 12 different nations.

Ross and Margret Byars

Jerusalem School

Location: Israel, Middle East

Robert and Noemi Caiazzo

Chaplaincy and Feeding Centers in Nicaragua

Location: Nicaragua, Latin America

Email: robertmcaiazzo@yahoo.com


Bob and Noemi CAIAZZO serve in Nicaragua through a farming school, feeding centers, and chaplaincy outreach to prisons, police and baseball teams in Nicaragua.

Terry and Babs Castleberry

Caribbean School of Theology (Latin America)

Location: Belize, Latin America

Email: terry.castleberry@agmd.org

Terry and Babs CASTLEBERRY are based in Belize and serve with the Caribbean School of Theology. The Caribbean School of Theology (CST) is a mobile Bible school that offers an advanced level of studies for Christian leaders, prospective leaders, pastors and those involved in teaching and administrating training programs. The teaching staff travels to the different geographic regions in the Caribbean offering a complete academic year of advanced Biblical studies in Theology and in Christian Education in five annual modules.

Kimber and Colby Crumrine

TCU Chi Alpha leadership team

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Email: kimber.crumrine10@gmail.com

Kimber Crumrine (husband Colby) serves on the Texas Christian University Chi Alpha Campus Ministries leadership team under Andrew and Alicia Youngblood.

Jimmy and Nancy Dearman

Life Publishers / Fire Bible translation and distribution

Location: Global

Email: jim.dearman@agmd.org

Jimmy and Nancy Dearman work translating, printing, and distributing the Fire Bible (a study Bible). AG missionaries since 1986, they have served in Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone and are now based in Missouri.

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Gary and Janice Dickinson

Advanced School of Theology, Gabon, Africa

Location: Gabon, Africa

Email: gary.dickinson@agmd.org


Gary and Janice DICKINSON are serving at the AG's Gabon Advanced School of Theology. After 24 years in the Congo, where they planted 7 churches and founded and built both a Bible School and a Women’s Center, they have been asked to do the same thing in Gabon, a country that hasn’t had an Assemblies of God missionary in more than 50 years. 

John and Cheryl Easter

Africa's Hope Director

Location: Africa

Email: john.easter@agmd.org


Dr. John EASTER serves as strategic leader for training for AG World Missions-Africa, director of Africa’s Hope,vice chancellor of Pan-Africa Theological Seminary (PAThS), and executive director of the Association for Pentecostal Theological Education in Africa (APTEA). John’s ministry focus aligns with the AGWM-Africa strategic campaign to train up men and women for church planting, to facilitate missions mobilization in Africa, and to equip missionary educators. His ministry assignment requires interfacing with over 300 AG schools and extension centers.

Kyle and Janelle Embry

Youth Alive (North Texas District )

Location: North Texas, USA


Kyle and Janelle EMBRY serve with North Texas Youth Alive, reaching students through youth Bible study resources and Seven Project events. Seven Projects consist of prayer and follow-up focused around day-time events at schools coupled with evening events at churches. The daytime assemblies in the schools cover topics such as abstinence, drug and alcohol abuse, peer pressure, scholastic achievement, self esteem issues, and the importance of making positive choices. The evening events at churches consist of free food and giveaways leading to a clear and relevant gospel presentation.

Alisa Evans

Director of Alive at Last Ministry, helping survivors of sexual exploitation

Location: North Texas, USA



Alisa EVANS coordinates Alive at Last, a ministry that mobilizes communities to encourage and equip survivors of sexual exploitation to build new lives.

Don and Melba Exley

Teaching Latin American Pastors

Location: Argentina, Latin America

Email: don.exley@agmd.org


Don EXLEY (wife Melba) was Area Director for the Southern Cone of South America from 1989 until his retirement in 2015, and now teaches in ISUM, a continuing education program for pastors and national leaders throughout Latin America. They are also coordinating the effort to increase church planting in Latin America Caribbean.

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