January 8, 2021

A New Song


Sing a new song to the Lord, for he has done wonderful deeds. His right hand has won a mighty victory; his holy arm has shown his saving power!

Psalm 98:1 NLT


I’m going to jump out here for a moment and suggest we were created by God to sing. Some of us are more like me, and our song may not sound as great as someone else, but we were all created to sing.

Just as our physical bodies need air, water, and food to survive, our souls need to sing to be whole. Singing is a natural release of emotions and feelings. Singing was placed in us by God so that we could have a tool to direct praise to God.

Without singing, our souls are not able to develop to their full potential. Nor can we experience the intimacy of worship God intended.

David challenges us to “Sing a new song to the Lord.” While it is good to sing songs with others in corporate worship, there is a special power released when we verbalize a song of worship from our hearts to God. That is our “new song.”

As we focus on making more room for God in our lives, we should practice singing to the Lord. We should have moments of spontaneous verbal worship that flow from our hearts through our mouths into the ears of our Heavenly Father.

I delight when one of my grandchildren sings a song. I’m not bothered if they hit the right notes or even say the right words. It does something to my heart when they sing. I imagine that God’s heart is overjoyed when He hears our voices singing to Him.


Holy Spirit, please help me to open my heart and mind to the idea of singing a new song to the Lord. Help me to be willing to connect with You in a new way.

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